halbe rahmen

a more technical post today ... or maybe an idea for a gift?

i recently bought a picture frame from Bilderrahmen von Halbe. we just wanted to have an option to put the work of our son on the walls with the option to quickly change it. halbe rahmen just does that: they have a magnetic frame such that you can remove the front element and replace the content.

for us safety (children playing) was important so i selected plexiglas as the glass element.

after removing the peel-off protection it is as simple as putting the picture in the frame and placing the glass element and the magnetic frame above it.

the frame is surprisingly light for its size and has options for landscape or portrait orientation.

the online shop is easy to use despite the amazing number of options to choose from.

we went with an A2 sized frame for bigger pictures but also ordered a passepartout of A3 size (slightly cropped in) for smaller pictures.

i can very much recommend this picture frame. it is hand made in germany, of great quality and is highly customizable. it is especially useful if you like to change the content on a regular basis.