photos from literature

i am planning on taking photos of interesting scenes in literature. at the moment i am collecting resources for the creation.


howard p. lovecraft, the case charles dexter ward

the finale of a horror story. a doctor lets a resurrected creature desintegrate into its essential salts.

But here the doctor was cut short by a convulsive cry from the creature before him. Hopelessly at bay, weaponless, and knowing that any show of physical violence would bring a score of attendants to the doctor's rescue, Joseph Curwen had recourse to his one ancient alley, and began a series of cabalistic motions with his forefingers as his deep, hollow voice, now unconcealed by feigned hoarseness, bellowed out the opening words of a terrible formula.


But Willett was too quick for him. Even as the dogs in the yard outside began to howl, and even as a chill wind sprang suddenly up from the bay, the doctor commenced the solemn and measured intonation of that which he had meant all along to recite. An eye for an eye—magic for magic—let the outcome show how well the lesson of the abyss had been learned! So in a clear voice Marinus Bicknell Willett began the second of that pair of formulae whose first had raised the writer of those minuscules—the cryptic invocation whose heading was the Dragon's Tail, sign of the descending node——


At the very first word from Willett's mouth the previously commenced formula of the patient stopped short. Unable to speak, the monster made wild motions with his arms until they too were arrested. When the awful name of Yog-Sothoth was uttered, the hideous change began. It was not merely a dissolution, but rather a transformation or recapitulation; and Willett shut his eyes lest he faint before the rest of the incantation could be pronounced.

But he did not faint, and that man of unholy centuries and forbidden secrets never troubled the world again. The madness out of time had subsided, and the case of Charles Dexter Ward was closed. Opening his eyes before staggering out of that room of horror, Dr. Willett saw that what he had kept in memory had not been kept amiss. There had, as he had predicted, been no need for acids. For like his accursed picture a year before, Joseph Curwen now lay scattered on the floor as a thin coating of fine bluish-grey dust.

a scene from a mental asylum of the 1920th. both characters are sitting at a table. one is lit like a saint the other like a madman. the saints light is coming through a barred window as a gods ray .


daniel kehlmann; lichtspiel

mr. pabst (poor movie director) has just spoken without success to mrs. greta garbo.

Er ging schweigend hinaus. Leise schloss er die Tür.

Sie öffnete die Vorhänge. Eine Minute verging, dann sah sie ihn in Begleitung des Butlers den Garten durchqueren. Im Gehen holte er die gleiche  bereits zerdrückte Zigarette aus seiner Brusttasche, schob sie zwischen seine Lippen, holte ein Feuerzeug hervor und zündete sie an. In respektvoll weitem Bogen wichen die beiden Männer einem radschlagenden Pfau aus. Sein Gefieder flirrte in der Sinne, sinnlos und grandios.

i have checked with the palace niederschönhausen - it could be done there. unfortunately, they do not have peacock on site.


marc-uwe kling; das neinhorn

Mit fabelhaft fröhlich quietschfideler Miene

sprach jetzt des Einhorns coole Kuhsine:

"Wollen wir an rosa glasierten Äpfeln lutschen,

während wir über den funkelnden Regenbogen rutschen

und durch den warmen Wasserfall flutschen,

um dann im Seifenblasensee herumzuwutschen?

Dort können wir alle laut und superfröhlich quieken,

während wir mit den Hörnern in Seifenblasen piken."

Klingt das nicht toll? Klingt das nicht fein?


probably the most difficult of all ideas - this requires a lot of photos and tons of post-production.


diverse; die bekehrung des saulus

saulus is a hunter of christians. suddenly, he is surrounded by light and jesus talks to him. he cannot see for 3 days and cannot eat. ananias is choosen to convert saulus.

Da sprach der Herr zu ihm [Ananias]: Geh hin, denn dieser ist mir ein auserlesenes Werkzeug, um meinen Namen vor Heiden, Könige und Israeliten zu tragen. Denn ich werde ihm zeigen, was er um meines Namens willen leiden muß. Da ging Ananias fort und betrat das Haus, legte ihm [Saulus] die Hände auf und sagte: Saulus, Bruder, der Herr hat mich geschickt, Jesus, der dir auf dem Wege, den du gekommen bist, erschienen ist, damit du wieder sehend und mit Heiligem Geist erfüllt werdest. Sofort fiel es wie Schuppen von seinen Augen, und er konnte sehen; er stand auf und ließ sich taufen, dann nahm er Nahrung zu sich und kam wieder zu Kräften.

this is the location were i intend to take this photo.

at night or very late in the evening with lots of haze to really make some nice rays that illuminate saulus face.